BP Toner for Printers

Remanufactured toners are used toner cartridges. The empty cartridges are sent back to a remanufacturing plant, where the cartridge housing is then refurbished. buy remanufactured toners for Printers

Internal components are evaluated and some may be replaced before the cartridge is refilled with new toner.  

buy remanufactured toners for Printers.

When buying remanufactured toner you should always inquire as to whether or not the remanufacturer has “re-chipped” the cartridges. 

 Toner cartridges contain a chip that tracks how many print jobs have been done.

it is used by your device to estimate how many impressions are remaining before you need to replace your toner. 

If this chip has not been replaced your low toner warnings may not be reliable.  

There is a wide range of manufacturers of remanufactured toners, some of which will offer a guarantee that their product.

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It is important to note that there is also a second type of used toner cartridge; refilled.  

The main danger with refilled toner cartridges is that,

while they by far the cheapest option,

there is no remanufacturing process…

they simply take an old toner bottle and refill it. 

Since there is no actual assessment of the cartridge’s condition, 

we discourage all of our customers from ever considering the use of refilled toner cartridges.

buy remanufactured toners for Printers.

buy remanufactured toners for Printers

One big downside of using a remanufactured toner cartridge is that . Bp toner for printers

it is almost impossible to know just how much remanufacturing any particular cartridge has undergone before refilling and therefore what kind of condition it is currently in.

If all of the components are still in great shape then you may have found yourself a great bargain but most cartridges will completely fail 

if just one part malfunctions so it is a very real possibility that your cartridge will not last to complete your estimated page.